A JRPG I Can Get Behind!

So a few weeks ago, I wrote about how I first grew up, then fell out of love, with JRPGs. However, I just found out about Turn Based Battle over at Armor Games.

It’s a fun little parody that, I think, captures perfectly why I just can’t play JRPGs seriously anymore. It kind of reminds me of Breath of Death VII (another JRPG parody I enjoyed), but it’s much shorter and to the point.

Go check it out for a good laugh!

About Erik Bigras

Erik Bigras is an independent scholar. He studied as a PhD Candidate in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He graduated with a BA in Anthropology (2009) from the University of Prince Edward Island (Canada) where he focused on the creation of subjectivities through digital media. He's been playing video games since the mid-1980s, but expanded his gaming interest to table-top RPGs in the early 2010s.
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