PCA/ACA Panel Presentation at Chicago in April

Laquana Cooke, Jason Coley, Stephanie Jennings, and I will be in Chicago for PCA/ACA Conference in April.  We’re doing a panel together, talking about how agency and identity are accessed and established by the various roles available players in video games. Joshua Comer and Nicholas Hanford will be there too!

So, if you like Higher Level Gamer or are interested in the Journal of Games Criticism, many of us will be in Chicago this April 16 – 19.

About Gaines Hubbell

Gaines Hubbell is an assistant professor of English at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. His dissertation tracks the history of topoi and loci of invention in twentieth-century rhetorical theory, pedagogy, and criticism. His research focuses on the historical and contemporary development of rhetorical theory and its adaptation for newer media environments.
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