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Navy Field 2 and Heroes & Generals: Challenging the Sacred in Table-Top RPGs

Originally posted on I Search for Traps:
I’ve been playing a lot of Navy Field 2 lately, and it got me thinking. It’s a fun, light naval simulation game that focuses on short battles. The game itself pits two teams one…

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Why We Need More Subjective Games Criticism

Originally posted on Ludogabble:
I recently saw a comment about an article on academic games criticism. The comment was an approving one: the commenter believed that the article was a fine example of an approach to games criticism that was…

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A Part of Your World: World Building in Video Games and Table-Top RPGs

Originally posted on I Search for Traps:
No, this post isn’t about The Little Mermaid. Rather, I’ve been thinking about how I, as a DM, can make players feel as if their characters are part of a bigger, wider world.…

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I Search for Traps

I’ve been contributing to this blog for over a year now. I intend to continue contributing, but I’ve also been wanting to write about other things. Despite the fact that I write about video games a lot, most of my … Continue reading

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What I’m Playing Now: Elite Dangerous

I’ve made no secret in the past that I love space sims and that I’m on the lookout for the next Starflight. I’ve tried many games, but none really filled in that particular gap in my heart. Until recently. I’ve … Continue reading

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