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Candice Lanius is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Communication & Media at RPI and a Student Resident for the Research Data Alliance (RDA/US). Her research interests are in big social data analytics. This includes methodologies for meta-data, big data, and networked communication; a rhetoric of statistics and objectivism; and the politics of analytic technologies.

The Clone Wars: Wow. Much Numbers. Very puzzle. So fun.

This week several writers from Higher Level Gamer are out conferencing! They are currently in Chicago at the Popular Culture Association’s annual meeting. That doesn’t explain my delay in posting, but I wish them good luck and safe travels and … Continue reading

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Apologia for the Gaming Community

The strategic moment for any outsider who wants validity for their passion is to make them—the insiders, the stake-holders, the gate keepers—come to you, not the opposite way around. The task of gaining acceptance is essentially what makes the apologia … Continue reading

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