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Gaines Hubbell is a lecturer of English at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. His dissertation tracks the history of topoi and loci of invention in twentieth-century rhetorical theory, pedagogy, and criticism. His research focuses on the historical and contemporary development of rhetorical theory and its adaptation for newer media environments.

Introducing the Journal of Games Criticism

I’m happy to announce that the Journal of Games Criticism‘s first issue is published at Many of us here at Higher Level Gamer are editorial board members for JGC and have been working hard to release this first issue (even while … Continue reading

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Game Criticism Conference

You might have noticed that mention of a video game criticism conference in the works a few posts ago. Well, it’s a real thing now! Critical Proximity is a game criticism conference in San Francisco on March 16th (the Sunday … Continue reading

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Critics Speak a Language and It Speaks Us

Laura Parker argued recently that BioShock Infinite made it clear, at least among critics, that a video game can be art, and Chris Suellentrop responded with a defense of the vibrant state of video game criticism in 2013. For what … Continue reading

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Not Another Year: VGX

This weekend’s VGX (the Spike TV Video Game awards show with special guest, the letter X) was a new high in the ongoing television pursuit of alienating video game players. Most years, I tuned in to see what won and … Continue reading

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An Error Has Occurred in the Following Launch

An error has occurred in the following application. (CE-34878-0) Battlefield 4 TM Reporting this error to Sony Computer Entertainment helps improve PS4 hardware, software, and services. This report might include personal information. To send the report, carefully read the [About … Continue reading

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PCA/ACA Panel Presentation at Chicago in April

Laquana Cooke, Jason Coley, Stephanie Jennings, and I will be in Chicago for PCA/ACA Conference in April.  We’re doing a panel together, talking about how agency and identity are accessed and established by the various roles available players in video games. Joshua … Continue reading

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The Wolf Among Us: A Gaines, Nick, and Stephanie Review

So, what’s the deal with The Wolf Among Us? Well, I’m only just now getting around to playing through The Walking Dead, so I called in some reinforcements on this one: Stephanie and I did two play-throughs together, and Nick … Continue reading

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