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Graduate student at RPI and editor-in-chief at Journal at Games Criticism. Reach me at .

Ideologies of Failure and Production in Action Painting Pro

Action Painting Pro (APP) is a small, free game that turns MS Paint into a platformer. Players jump around the screen collecting the different tools which the player then becomes, covering the screen in a mess of colors. Failure here … Continue reading

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On Gaming Audiences: Players, Personas, and Perceptions

With “Twitch Plays Pokemon” coming to a close (or at least it’s first playthrough), I think it’s a good time to talk about the audiences of games. There is something interesting happening on Twitch with this and its counterparts – … Continue reading

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The Wolf Among Us, Episode 2: A Nick, Gaines, and Stephanie Review

From Nick: I’ve been thinking about games recently through the lens of Objective Game Reviews and their ridiculous idea of objectivity’s applicability to games, so I’d like to start with an objective game review of The Wolf Among Us, Episode … Continue reading

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